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 Post subject: Subaru OEM equivalent thread = Permatex & others
PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2006 3:55 pm 
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Hey kiddies. Not wanting to pay ridiculous prices for spec'd sealants & gasket makers from Subaru? Then this is the thread for you. I called Permatex the other day and spoke with one of their techs. I asked him for their equivalents for the following Three Bond products:

1105 - rear diff
1215 - valve timing solenoid (AVCS), valve cover, oil pan
1216 - similar to 1215
1324 - rear diff

Three Bond 1105
Permatex ~29132 (closest they could come...he said very close. there are no resitrictions on this compound, including gasoline. It has a threshold of 400* F)

Three Bond 1215/1216
Permatex 82194 (this has a temp range of -76* to 482* F)

Three Bond 1324
Permatex 81160
Holdite S54
Loctite 542

Now, he also mentioned that they have a product called 'Right Stuff' (#85144) that is a "bead, bolt, torque & go" product. Very little set time, has a body to it (meaning it won't run all over the place) and can be used for rear diffs, oil pans and valve covers. It comes in black and grey; with grey being more specific to import cars. Can withstand 450* F continuous, with intermittent bursts to 500* F. You can use this product without the use of another paper/metal type of gasket. It can also withstand 16 psi. It also has a better overall resistance to synthetic fluids.

Now keep in mind, that these 'equivalent' numbers are a direct correlation to specific sizes of the product. Varying sizes may be available.

Also, if you are looking for a way to better your chances of having no leaks at drain/fill plugs, try something called 'TFE Paste w/ teflon'. It is a non-hardening compound that withstands:
- 3,000 psi on gases ranging from -50* to +400* F
- 10,000 psi on liquids ranging from -50* to +500* F

Can be used with water, steam, natural & LP gas, oils, fuels and dilute acids. It is safe for metals, pvc, cpvc, abs, pp (polypropylene) and nylon. So, my assumption being that this could be used for the following:
oil plugs (drain and galley (for gauge sensors))
tranny plugs (drain and fill)
rear diff plugs (drain and fill)


search words: 1215 1216 1216b 1324 1105 three bond permatex sealant gasket maker 004403007 0044030042 004403010 holdite loctite valve cover oil pan rear diff differential pumpkin seal oem equivalent safe

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 4:39 pm 

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At my dealership, the sub techs use hondabond when they do headgaskets
(I think on the half moon) I never see em using any sub sealant
Just a thought

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:23 pm 
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Here's some charts from soob service info:

 Post subject: Re: Subaru OEM equivalent thread = Permatex & others
PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 10:26 pm 

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Subaru Three bond is one of the worst sealants I've ever used :-(

We use Hondabond on everything that requires sealant here in the shop.

-Dylan @ DS1

 Post subject: Re: Subaru OEM equivalent thread = Permatex & others
PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, 2008 12:09 am 
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motorcraft 7.3 diesel sealant works wonders

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 Post subject: Re: Subaru OEM equivalent thread = Permatex & others
PostPosted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:40 am 
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Hylomar Universal Jointing Compound.

Best shit made! ... bAodOjaw0Q

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 Post subject: Re: Subaru OEM equivalent thread = Permatex & others
PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:31 pm 
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hmmmm i will argue that and say it's 3M yellow weatherstrip glue. we call it monkeysnot. never will an oil pan leak again. nor come off lolol.

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